4 Ways to Celebrate your Mother’s Day

There’s no love that can compare to a mother’s love. Once we reach adulthood, most of us can look back and see the struggles our mother went through to give us the best start she could. We can sympathize with her daily choices as we work hard to raise our own children. Some of our mothers have passed on and we wish we could let her know just how special she is to us and the impact she made in our lives. Yes…Moms are a blessing. And so Mother’s day can bring about an influx of emotions, but can also leave us searching for the perfect gift to tell mom how much she means to us. This year, try something new. In addition to a traditional brunch, here are 4 local options to surprise your mom.

1.Jazzy Gram
Who loves singing telegrams? You mom! That’s who. This is a wonderful surprise that is sure to make mom teary. Jazzy Gram will show up with flowers, gourmet cupcakes, balloons, a personal message from you and a song. You can’t beat it. It’s definitely a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget. Place your order online today.

2.Candy Flowers Chocolate
The name says it all! The picture says even more. What mother wouldn’t want a bouquet of chocolate and candies arranged exquisitely? For a simple and elegant gift for the mothers in your life, check this brotha out at the Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton.

3.Nouri Energi Wellness Center
We know how hard mothers work. For her special day consider treating her to a massage. This boutique spa is dedicated to giving your mom a wonderful and healing experience. They offer aromatherapy, reflexology, and detox services in addition to a variety of massages. Call or go online to book an appointment for mom, or ask for a gift certificate so she can book one for herself.

4.Digits Nails by Azure
Most moms love a moment to themselves while getting a fresh mani/pedi, so I’m sure yours does too. Not only can you book an appointment with this up and coming salon via Facebook, you can also purchase a gift set with Digits exclusive skin care line.

Although for many this day brings lots of smiles, don’t forget that there are always moms who have lost children, and children who have lost moms and single moms with young children that could use your thoughts during Mother’s Day this year. So spread some love by supporting one of these businesses with a fabulous gift for the special mom this Mother’s Day!


Jice Johnson

Jice Johnson

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