I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “your network is your network.”  And it couldn’t be truer regardless of the business or career you’re in.  You never know when those six degrees of separation will place you in front of the right person that takes your business to the next level…. Read more »

4 Ways to Celebrate your Mother’s Day

There’s no love that can compare to a mother’s love. Once we reach adulthood, most of us can look back and see the struggles our mother went through to give us the best start she could. We can sympathize with her daily choices as we work hard to raise our… Read more »

3 Things You Can Learn From Your Competitors What comes to mind when you think of your competitors?  Maybe you are intimidated.  Maybe you feel a sense of superiority.  What should come to mind when thinking of your competitors is what you can learn from them.  Whether they are knocking… Read more »

Denver is number one for a lot of things and craft brews is one of them. Of course this is Coors country, but its the craft beer market that keeps the drink menus fresh. Whether its ale, lager, or stout, this international drink was made all over the world but… Read more »

James Brown wasn’t the first to know that its a man’s world, especially in the world of hip hop.  Today the debate continues if female emcees are still relevant, good, etc.  If you are old school hip hop this topic would be squashed, because there were plenty of excellent rappers… Read more »