Featured 5 Local Vendors to Scratch Your Natural Hair Itch

The natural hair trend has taken the Black community by storm over the past 5 years. We have seen an increase in spending on products and a decrease on perms. We may have only taken a few small steps towards breaking into the haircare industry in terms of ownership; we… Read more »

Used to be that the radio station was the first thing that we looked for when visitin or moving to a new city, now the options are many. From online to traditional media, there are plenty of outlets to keep you connected to the community. RADIO STATIONS JAMMIN 101.5 True… Read more »

It time to get up, get out and do something! There is fitness for all at any level in Colorado. Check our list of our favorite classes and instructors.  

Looking to dance the night away with your boo or even by yourself? Check our list of the most the hottest dance classes and instructors around town.  Learn a few steps within a night at one of their great events or signup for a class. D’Style Urban Ballroom with Dave… Read more »

Colorado is seriously teasing us with its crazy weather. Signs of spring were visible all month causing us to constantly wish for summer.  We know that you can’t wait so we wanted to publish the newsletter early. Its only March and yes, the events calendar is starting to get full. Thanks to… Read more »