Build your Business Blog in 6 Steps


While building your small business, letting your customers know you are an expert at your craft or in your field is important. They are, after all, trusting in your ability to provide them with the tips and tools they need to be successful. There are many ways to build your credibility amongst your clientele. One of the most popular these days is blogging.
Don’t be fooled, having a blog can be difficult to maintain, but when your clients are looking for answers, overtime, your blog will likely answer their questions and this is well worth the effort. Contrary to popular belief, client and prospective clients are reading your content, and so is Google, so you’ll definitely want to have some.

Here are 6 steps to help you get your blog started:

  1.  Know what interests your clients: This should be simple enough but many bloggers start off by writing about thing they like versus what their clients like. How-to’s, comparisons, product reviews, trends, FAQ, success stories, etc. These are things your clients will be looking for and they should be looking to you first.
  2.  Keep it short and sweet: Depending on your industry, try to keep you word count between 300-500 words. SEO best standards say you need a minimum of 300 words. There are some more technical blogs that you may want to write that will be much longer, but always be mindful of your readers’ attention span.
  3.  Give them a visual: You know the saying; a picture is worth 1,000 words? Well it’s true. Blogs with images and videos get a lot more views. (We all loved the books with the pictures in it!)
  4.  Let them get to know you: It’s perfectly okay to talk about yourself or your experiences in your blogs. These small tidbits into your world help to facilitate the “know, like and trust” factor that helps establish solid business relationships.
  5.  Spice it up: Don’t let your reading be too dry. You want them using your material and finding it helpful, not giving them a cure for their insomnia. It’s okay to throw in a few jokes to keep it light.
  6. Be YOU: Be true to your own voice and general disposition when writing. You can throw out everything your stuffy English teacher taught you about writing and finally feel comfortable in your own voice. When blogging, conversational writing is perfectly ok!

Jice Johnson

Jice Johnson

Owner at B2B Thrive
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Jice Johnson

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