Featured 5 Local Vendors to Scratch Your Natural Hair Itch

The natural hair trend has taken the Black community by storm over the past 5 years. We have seen an increase in spending on products and a decrease on perms. We may have only taken a few small steps towards breaking into the haircare industry in terms of ownership; we… Read more »

Build your Business Blog in 6 Steps

While building your small business, letting your customers know you are an expert at your craft or in your field is important. They are, after all, trusting in your ability to provide them with the tips and tools they need to be successful. There are many ways to build your… Read more »

Mentorship: 4 Benefits to Building Better Communities

No community is perfect. But just think of how much better our communities would be if we pushed a value system of cyclical giving. Currently we hold the stereotype of having a “crab in the bucket” mentality. This means that we believe we are out to pull each other down… Read more »

5 Gifts Dad is Sure to Love

Dads are often not given enough credit in our community. As we battle against the systemic demonization of our father figures, we rarely take the time to recognize that Black fathers are some of the most involved fathers when given the opportunity. Whether your personal experience with your father is… Read more »

Big Box fitness is finally taking a chance on Montbello in the Chambers Place Shopping Center. You know the shopping center as the home of Churches Chicken and the former Safeway at the intersection of Chambers and Green Valley Ranch Blvd.  We live in the area and residents have been… Read more »