About GRUV Events

Welcome to GRUV Events and thanks for checking us out.  We are an online service for finding events and connecting with resources.  Our beautiful state of Colorado is growing and even if you live here we don’t want you to get lost.   Get the right information instead and not more of it. GRUV is here to help.

Particularly for members and followers of African American/African culture, we provide the list of things to do that we enjoy in and out of popular culture.  We are not exclusive and seek to bring the best for all to enjoy.  If you are looking for different events and making cultural connections, then GRUVEvents is for you.

GRUV is more than a directory.

The problem with directories is that they are not personal. We actually take you to places where we have been personally or are referrals from our friends.  Well not every last one, but you get the picture.

What’s in in for You?

  • Get easy access to information and events
  • Build your social and business network
  • Increase community support and enhance your personal lifestyle
  • Promote your business or organization to increase sales and membership

We help businesses, organizations, and event planners too.  

GRUVEvents helps event planners  with the setup of events by providing “Tools and Support for Hassle Free Events”.

  • Event Setup (Audio/Visual)
  • Event Registration/Ticketing (Forms and Online Payments)
  • Event Support (Referrals)
  • Event Promotion (Social Media)

Who is behind all of this?

GRUV is managed through the partnership of AppOffice and DSMG by a couple out of Colorado named David and Denise Sweet. Their skills are IT, event, and music based  while using the support of their partner network to keep GRUV alive.

Take the next step.

If you want help with your business or want help with hosting a successful event give us a call.