5 Gifts Dad is Sure to Love

Dads are often not given enough credit in our community. As we battle against the systemic demonization of our father figures, we rarely take the time to recognize that Black fathers are some of the most involved fathers when given the opportunity. Whether your personal experience with your father is great, decent, horrible or non-existent, the numbers prove that many of our men are out there doing there best to be the best fathers and community leaders they can be. This June, take some time to appreciate the men in your life.
True to my love for Black businesses, here are 5 businesses who have great Father’s day gifts for Pops.

  1. Banneker Watches
    These watches are high quality and moderately priced with a tough of history. Every piece is designed with a wooden element in honor of Benjamin Banneker, a self-taught scientist, astrologer, author and more who built an accurate clock from all wooden pieces. Dad will love one of these to add or start his collection of watches.
  2. Bevel
    Black men have unique shaving issues and Bevel has addressed them. Although this isn’t a locally owned business, it is Black owned and runs on a subscription bases. Bevel has created a 5 part system to help ease all Dad’s bearded woes. For any man who shaves at home, I’m sure you can’t go wrong with giving this system a try.
  3. Urban Arkanum
    This locally made brand is perfect for Dad’s who love to be fashionable while making a statement. Urban Arkanum use of high quality materials and super flyy designs make anything in this apparel line a great gift for Dad. Be on the lookout for their physical location coming soon. In the meantime, place your Father’s Day order online in time to receive it for his special day.
  4. Negash
    Move over Timberland. Even Jordan’s can move out the way. These kicks are FLYY. Boots, high tops, and apparel to match, the Negash line is making a name for themselves. This line is also not local, but with an expanding line to include hoodies, belts and more, Negash wear will make an excellent gift for Dad.
  5. Zerry’s Clothier
    This store has it all. If you’re father loves ties, suits and more then you will want to visit this site. Zerry’s boasts an assortment of ties, socks, belts, shirts, pants, hats, shoes and even cologne to have Dad looking right from head to toe! Although the line is online, it’s locally owned, delivers on site and the owner is not only quick to respond but an expert in his craft. He can help you pull together the perfect look for the man you love.

So while you get to shopping early for the special man in your life and the life of your children, you can also spread the word about these handsome lines made for us, by us. When you try one of these brands don’t forget to come back and drop a comment on your experience.

Jice Johnson

Jice Johnson

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