4 Black Owned Craft Brewerys to Support

Denver is number one for a lot of things and craft brews is one of them. Of course this is Coors country, but its the craft beer market that keeps the drink menus fresh. Whether its ale, lager, or stout, this international drink was made all over the world but was know to be perfected in Germany.  Even in Africa especially Egypt the frothy goodness was called Heket.

Humans have always found resourceful ways to preserve food including drink -and beer was one of them. It was a necessity for ancient civilizations as a subsitute for water beacause clean water was scarce. So when you go to your favorite watering hole and watch the bartender pull that tap don’t feel priviliged.

So if beer is made all over the world  then that means that the amount of business it generates is enormous. According to the Brewers Association, sales of craft brews was estimated at 19.6 bilion.

Here is a list of African American owned and co-owned craft masters and beers that you can support. If you don’t see them on the shelves or being served, simply request them.

The Harlem Brewing Company, New York

  • Sugar Hill Ale
  • Rennaissance Wit

Cajun Fire, New Orleans

  • Voodoo Gold
  • Praline Ale

Black Frog Brewery, Ohio

  • Amphibian Pale Ale
  • Barrel of Frogs
  • Cream of the Frog
  • Flying Frog
  • Frogalicious

Band of Brothers Brewing, Alabama

  • Voodoo Mild
  • Station One
  • Monk on the Radio

Brooklyn Brewery, New York

  • Many Varieties

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